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Dice Rolls Odds in Online Craps

Many of the odds that are involved in the game of craps are based on the two six sided dice that are rolled in each game. Because there are a finite number of combinations involved, most players can easily calculate the dice roll odds themselves and determine what the best bets are in online craps.

Craps Roll

The reason craps rolls are so unlucky is not only because they end the come out roll before the game even starts. It's also because the chances of rolling any of a 2, 3, or 12 are already so low. There are only 4 out of 36 possible rolls that can result in a craps roll. In contrast, there are 6 different combinations that can result in a 7. Players can use this information to strategically make craps bets and take advantage of the much higher payouts when the unlikely rolls do happen.

Pass Line Bets

The dice roll odds are also the reason the smartest bet is a pass line bet. In a pass line bet, the shooter wins automatically if the dice come up with a 7 or 11 and continue playing if the roll delivers anything else but craps. That means a pass line bet has an 8/36 chance of winning instantly, and a 2/3 chance of continuing the play. After that, it depends on what the point number is as each different number has its own set of odds.

Players can use the information about dice roll odds to make much more strategic decisions about which bets to place and why. However, even this information isn't complete without knowing what the payouts are if players take some of the riskier bets.