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Blackjack Variations on Online Casinos

Online gamblers are always looking for new takes on their favorite classic games. Most enjoy the challenge of learning new ways to play and win serious cash. The challenge is even bigger when there is an opportunity to win big with a no deposit required bonus. Learn more here. For such players, online casinos offer several different variations on the classic black jack, giving them the chance to play with additional hands, multiple decks, or even tournament style blackjack.
Multi-Hand Games
Some online-casinos blackjack games offer players the chance to play with multiple hands. By playing with three or four hands on each deal, players can maximize their chances to win and get a better idea of what cards are still waiting in the deck. The more cards in play, the better picture the player can build about the odds of going bust or winning big.
Multi-Deck Games
Players can also take the option of choosing how many decks of cards they want to play with, working with a single deck all the way up to eight or nine. By increasing the number of decks, players make it more difficult to count cards. This can give expert players a much bigger challenge in anticipating what the next card will be and betting effectively. On the other hand, by playing with fewer decks, players new to the game can attempt to keep track of the cards, predicting the balance of the deck, and setting themselves up for bigger and bigger wins.
Tournament Blackjack
There are also plenty of tournament black jack opportunities. Players can enter into pools of contestants and compete to accumulate the biggest pot in the limited time. These tournaments are a great way for players to brush up on the latest blackjack strategies. Timing is everything in tournaments, and if players bet effectively, they can turn a few hundred dollars into thousands in an instant.