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A Simpler Poker Game with Video Poker

Some players never quite get the hang of traditional poker games. They are not great at bluffing, and they have a hard time reading what other players have in their hands. For those who still want to enjoy the thrill of building a strong hand but want to avoid the social elements, video poker is the perfect solution.

How Video Poker Works

Playing online video poker is a lot like playing a slots game. The player has five open slots on his or her screen. With the press of a button five cards are randomly dealt. Instantly the player may have an excellent hand or at least the start of one. He or she may have a pair or the start of a straight flush. The player can then choose to hold on to the best cards in the hand and press the button for a second deal. The results of that second deal determine whether the player has won.

Winning the Game

In winning online video poker, players don't have to have a better hand than anyone else. All that needs to happen to win is the player must match up his or her hand with the displayed payout table. Usually hands that are three of a kind or better have some sort of payout. Players can win a jackpot with a royal flush or they can win a few hundred dollars for a simple straight. The key is, if they have a good hand, they always get paid out.

Video poker is a very straightforward game that presents the game of five card stud in a unique and fun way. Players will love getting paid out instantly without having to beat anyone else for the privilege.